About us

MLEN Diary Brand Story


Creating innovative and fun beauty gadgets. 


MLEN DIARY was founded in 2020 by independent designer, Ms. Wu Linyan, with a focus on manufacturing OEM eyelash and nail products for professional salons.

With a focus on innovation in the space, MLEN DIARY's product line is cutting edge, with features like magnetic closures and vegan fibers to serve an ever-evolving industry.

Love and Responsibility

Providing jobs for 300 homemakers in remote areas is a sustainable program that we hope will lead to the creation of 500 additional jobs over the next two years.

MLEN DIARY is a brand by women for women — and when we say that, we mean it. Our manufacturing process provides jobs for over 300 stay-at-home moms in remote areas who would otherwise have no access to an income stream. That means they get to work from home, setting their own hours, working at their own pace to make their own paycheck from areas where that isn't usually possible. We hope to grow our remote manufacturing to provide jobs for an additional 500 women in the next two years.

Vegan Friendly

We're committed to keeping our product line vegan friendly and cruelty free. That's why we totally ditched all animal hair products back in 2012. Beauty doesn't come before life.